Seminar on the benefits and use of trees

February 22, 2013

Introduction to Maltese native trees

Alfred E. Baldacchino

On Tuesday 10th February 2013, Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar Tree Group in collabortion with the Attard Local Coucil organised a seminar on The benefits and use of tree. 

The FAA Tree Group was established following the outcry against the wanton and  widespread destruction of urban trees both in Malta and Gozo by Government Ministries,  paid from public funds. The response for such a first activity of the FAA Tree Group was immediate:

  • there were more than 100 participants who not only followed the presentations with great interests, but also took notes;
  • asked a number of pertinent questions, and
  • also demanded more information and similar meetings on the better use and appreciation of Maltese indigenous trees.

The seminar covered information on Maltese indigenous trees and the need for more appreciation especially by those who are entrusted to protect them; the benefits that trees give to society and the environment, and also their contribution to the economical aspect. The need to prevent the introduction of invasive species which can devastate the Maltese ecosystem, was also highlighted.

The partecipants were also addressed with regards to the use and benefits of trees in the urban environment and how this can be undertaken in a professional way.

A short presentation on tree protection regulations was also given.

Following the seminar, the demand for copies of the presentations were more than expected

As a first additional step towards the aim of more appreciation and protection of trees, the slides (used as the basis but without any animation, used during the presentaiton) can be viewed on the following link


The benefits and use of Trees – Seminar

January 29, 2013

Attard Local Council

together with

Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar 

invite you to a talk on

The benefits and uses of TREES
On 19th February 2013 at 6pm – Attard Primary School
Join us at this seminar and find out how
TREE Seminar poster - aeb
To book a place email: or phone on
A donation of €5 is requested.
Participants are requested to be seated by 5.45pm
  • Did you know that there are about 60 species of indigenous trees in the Maltese Islands which can be used in private gardens and urban landscaping?
  • Did you know that trees reduce air and noise pollution, release oxygen and reduce the summer’s heat?
  • Did you know that some Maltese trees are very rare and may be close to extinction?
  • Did you now that indigenous trees can contribute to Malta’s economy and create green jobs?
All this and other information will be given during this seminar which will be of interets to the public, teachers, landscapers, nature lovers and local councils.

Alfred E. Baldacchino,
DPA, Dip. Env. Sc., PG Dip. Env. Mangt, MSc Env Plan and Mangt. 
General Secretary of the MOS (now BirdLife) between 1974 and 1988 and editor of the popular magazine In-Natura from 1982 to 2003, Alfred Baldacchino coordinates educational TV and radio nature programmes. Has published a number of popular and scientific works on biodiversity and the need for its appreciation and conservation. Assistant Director responsible for the protection of biodiversity at the Environment Protection Directorate (within MEPA) from 2002 till he retired in 2007.
Antoine Gatt
BA(L’scape Arch), MA(L’scape Arch) Landscape Architect
A landscape architect with over 12 years of experience in urban and environmental design, Antoine Gatt runs AGL Design, which tackles landscaping projects from private gardens to the design of parks, and from urban regeneration to rural restoration, including EU projects related to agriculture and environment.  Antoine Gatt is also a part-time lecturer at MCAST.  He is an advocate of green roofs and sustainable urban design and has written various articles on local newspapers and magazines on the subject.
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