“For our trees”

Alfred E. Baldacchino

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Sunday, 28th July 2019, saw a strong determined crowd (2000 +/-) show their disappointment, disagreement and anger towards the recently approved Attard Central Link Project, a projects funded by EU funds.

Individuals from all levels of primary, secondary and tertiary education, young and old, from all walks of life, attended for this symbolic protest, expressing their concerns about the destruction of trees and other biodiversity, and other negative impacts this project will be having on the social, environmental and ecological fabric of the area, with far reaching consequences.

Some tied themselves to the trees adorning the Rabat Road, trees which are not necessarily earmarked for destruction, but nonetheless representing the 500+ trees officially granted a permit by ERA to be removed, transplanted or destroyed.

Congratulations for the 19-year-old Sasha Vella and friends, who organised such activity, despite “pitiful attempts by partisan forces” to undermine their work. It was indeed encouraging to see so many youths and others so concerned about our environment. No wonder Sasha Vella was over-whelmed by the response.

Congratulations also to all those who turned up to encourage and support such a voice for the environment.

The following are some of the posters and messages which were used for this activity for our trees. It definitely show that there is a voice, getting stronger, which is being professionally, sincerely, without any political influence, used to show the stand being taken for our environment in the national interest.



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3 Responses to “For our trees”

  1. gaucivincent says:

    This stopgap project might have been considered ONLY in the context of a long term mobility plan. As it is, it just transfers the problem elsewhere at a significant cost to the environment.

    • Vincent, close your eyes and see if you can image one or two petrol stations along this new ‘central link’ and perhaps a new block of flats on the periphery of Attard.
      Considering that the decision was taken before any real public consultation with stakeholders, this is what makes me see the future and beyond, AND with eyes wide shut!

  2. brian farrugia says:

    This road has long needed an upgrade.
    and a harsh comment, has anyone of the protesters removed their cars?
    Let us plant more trees and upgrade the environment in what ever way is possible, join an environmental NGO and there are many things we can all do.
    Let me mention a few, use no pesticides, create green walls, bat boxes,, swallow nest boxes, water for birds and bird baths, planting plants for butterflies, eliminate invasive plants, attend courses on the environment, introduce electric cars, motor cycles and bicycles, seperate waste , collect waste other people have thrown out and report those breaking the law. Push for an upgrade and management surveillance in all Natura 2000 sites. plant an indigenous tree on our properties, roof gardens etc etc. Many people are doing this and encourage more to join in.

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