Trees butchered at University

Trees butchered at University

Alfred E. Baldacchino

Monday, 9th May, 2016

(article to follow soon)

uom poster

4 Responses to Trees butchered at University

  1. gaucivincent says:

    Nowhere safe, it seems

  2. B azzopardi says:

    What a mess we’re in. Probably whoever did it claims to be a landscape expert!

  3. anthony abela says:

    Yes, we are well and truly in a sorry mess; actually, we are getting to be so efficient at arriving to such a state; however, let’s look at the positive side of this massacre. Tree stumps are more natural than concrete benches to sit on. God grant me the Serenity………

  4. Matthew says:

    it is shocking viewing such pics! shame on the pseudoexpert.

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