Love Song to the Earth

Love Song to the Earth

Have you heard Love Song to the Earth yet?

Now, you can watch the video on YouTube: Watch and share it now!

And don’t forget: every time the song is downloaded, streamed or shared, Friends of the Earth earns 80% of the royalties. And now, it’s available on iTunes, Spotify, and more!


love song tothe earth

Last week, a new song was released that could be a game-changer. Love Song to the Earth brings together some of the biggest names in music — including Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Fergie, Colbie Caillat and Natasha Bedingfield — to record a song dedicated to keeping the Earth safe.

This song is going big and getting our leaders’ attention — but we need your help to make sure the whole world hears it!

Listen to the song and watch the video now!

This song is more than just a feel-good anthem. It’s a powerful force calling for action on climate. And every time this song is downloaded, streamed, or shared, Friends of the Earth earns 80% of the royalties — which we will use to fight for lower carbon emissions.

This December, world leaders will come together in Paris for the next round of international climate negotiations. The whole world will be watching President Obama to see if he’s serious about taking on climate change.

It’s time for President Obama to show real climate leadership and go beyond the weak promises already made. He must agree to limits on carbon pollution that would keep warming to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

So we need to show him that the whole world is demanding action. We need to spread the message far and wide that we care about the planet and we need him to protect it. Will you help get the word out?

Erich Pica,
Friends of the Earth

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