Monday, 7th September 2015

Alfred E. Baldacchino

The unprofessional, dilettantish way of pruning trees in Malta is no secret. Apart from the many photos and comments in the mass media, the ‘art’ and ‘national wonder’ of this tree pruning is evident for one and all to see along the streets of Malta. And so are the impacts of its unprofessionalism. The conclusion without much thought seems to be that such pruning is done in the shortest time possible to fill the truck with the chopped off branches and disappear. No professional direction from those who are supposed to be professionally responsible for such works, unless of course this is the only professional way they know of. No vision for any aesthetic aspect, or for any ecological or social concern, or for the tree protection regulations (which under the previous responsible Minister have been amended to accommodate such ‘pruning’), which adorn the legal bookshelves of Malta, one of the 27th EU member states.


One of the ‘natural wonders’ of tree pruning in Malta. As screwed as the official vision of the tree pruning, appreciation, protection and management. The expenses for such a ‘national wonder’ has been paid from the €8 million public funds provided annually by Government.


A different angle, for those who are a bit sceptic about such a ‘national wonder’.

Since the management of Maltese street trees was taken out of the hands of the Department of Agriculture, it seems that ‘landscapers’ have grown faster than trees. If one can wield a chainsaw, start it and cut the widest trunk in the shortest time possible, than one is qualified as a ‘landscaper’.  No qualifications needed, no licence needed, no monitoring needed, no questions asked, just wield the chainsaw and cut, cut, cut. One is also politically blessed, for such a work of art. Such is the pitiful state of ‘landscaping’ and ‘silviculture’ in Malta that one can easily compare it to an operation in the Intensive Therapy Unit, conducted by undertakers, instead of the medical profession.

To make matters worse, such ‘landscaping’ is under the control of a Minster, responsible for landscaping, who endorses payment for such ‘national wonders’  of tree pruning out of €8 million yearly budget, the agreement on which is kept under lock and key. He is also aided by some of the Local Councils who also pay for such ‘national wonders’ out of public funds. And Government is happy with this too.


The result of such ‘national wonder’ of pruning in Malta. With the added high temperatures, the Aleppo pine, could not but break in two being so unbalanced. But this is the best professionalism Malta can offer in tree pruning.


Another look at such work of art of local tree pruning. Incidentally another similar old tree further down the road was recently accidentally broken in twof by heavy machinery during works along the road. But the chainsaw was quick on the scene before any ‘fundamentalist’ could snap a photo or two. Minister Mizzi, responsible for road works and landscaping is accumulating quite a number of feathers in his cap!

But one must give credit where credit is due. We have been told that the present political vision is to make Malta the best in the EU. Without any doubt, in the field of the destruction of biodiversity, Malta is the best in the EU! And to think that the EU Commissioner for the Environment is Maltese… what else can one wish for?

Can the Minister responsible for ‘landscaping’ intervene to prevent such bull… paid out of public funds?


ritratt mehud fit-8 ta’ Diċembru 2007.

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  1. You left out the benefits of such massive tree pruning, to certain individuals, in providing logs for the fire places, which are proliferating at an uncontrolled rate. No questions are asked on the source of the “firewood”. Neither is the thick black smoke which is such a health hazard, controlled. Supposedly there is a unit which monitors the air quality, but I have never heard of any chimney smoke being mentioned. Otherwise I AGREE TOTALLY with ALL you said above.

    • Joseph, x’qed isir eżatt bil-zkuk li qed jinżabru mis-siġar, bil-barka tal-Ministri responsabbli, kemm dak tal-MEPA, dak tal-Landscaping, u dak tal-Kunsilli lokali, ma nafx eżatt fejn qed imorru, għalkemm nista’ nissoponi. Imma għandi ritratt li kont ħadt kumbinazzjoni minn quddiem Wied inċita li forsi jista’ jitfa’ ftit tad-dawl fuq il-mistoqsija tiegħek. (ara r-ritratt aktar ‘l fuq wara l-artiklu)

  2. victor says:

    When are we to elect people to parlament not based on popularity? Then and only then progress is attainable. Minister Joe Mizzi does not qualify for such a ministry. We maltese are slow to learning and so repeat the same mistakes. I wonder if ever they consider such a tree as a living thing.

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