The future

The future: our future; What future?

What are we doing to our planet earth?
Are you proud of it?
Is this what you are contributing to?
Are you planning such a future for mother earth?
What are you doing about it?
This short film should be seen by the entire world…

2 Responses to The future

  1. James Tyrrell says:

    Really sad. I was at our local beach today and it was disgusting. People had been there on Saturday and Sunday and left it looking like a landfill site. Disgusting. And of course the majority of that gets washed into the sea and ends up God knows where.

  2. VICTOR CASSAR says:

    seeing mother earth as our two lungs is a culture which has not been nurtured into our souls as from young . The proverbial saying is just . We reap what we sow . Is it perhaps we have become so cold and faithless to the ONE who support nature itself?

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