IS-SIĠAR – agħti fhemtek

IS-SIĠAR – agħti fhemtek

05.06.2013 - Laqgħa dwaris-Siġar - Agħti fhemtek

L-Erbgħa, 5 ta’ Ġunju, 2013, il-Jum Dinji tal-Ambjent, kulħadd huwa mistieden għal-laqgħa ta’ konsultazzjoni li sejra ssir fil-Grand Hotel Excelsior  fis-6.30 pm, fejn kulħadd huwa mistieden biex jagħti l-proposti u l-ideat tiegħu dwar aktar apprezzament u ħarsien tas-siġar f’pajjiżna.  Ikkonferma l-sehem tiegħek fuq l-email  li jidher fuq il-poster:  

Uri fhemtek biex jikber l-apprezzament tas-siġar f’pajjiżna.


TREES – give your opinion 

05.06.2013 - Laqgħa dwaris-Siġar - Agħti fhemtek

On Wednesday, 5th June, 2013, World Environment Day,  a consultative meeting will be held at the Grand Hotel Excelsior at 6.30 pm, where everybody is invited to submit proposals and ideas for the better appreciation and protection of trees in the Maltese islands.  Notice of attendance is to be sent on the email indicated on the poster:

An opportunity to put forth your thoughts to generate more public awareness on trees.



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